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Every month we give away € 1000, - to make Groningen even cooler. Yes, just like that. So, do you have a great idea? Pitch your idea and we help realize it. Together we can make Groningen awesome!


lots of hospitality

delicious food and drinks

lekker toch?!

Martini tower

onze Olle Grieze


about 60.000 of 'em


Give the city a green face!

More green in the city. We take care of it!

Watch a movie together

Let's watch a movie on the Groninger Museum.

Give 100 blankets away

We hand out 100 recycled picnic blankets.

Want to help Groningen become more awesome by donating €50,- a few times a year?

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Heb je een awesome locatie in Groningen, maak je graag foto’s of wil je anders helpen.

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when is an idea awesome?

An idea is not always an awesome idea. But when is it? 

Good for Groningen

The awesome

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About the Awesome Foundation

The Awesome foundation makes the world more awesome, € 1,000 at a time.

The initiative

Wilbert van de Kamp is the initiator of Awesome Groningen.


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